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Sister Session – Ledyard, CT

I’ve never shot a session for adult siblings before, but I have to say this was such a blast. These two sisters are BFFs and absolutely always will be, even though they’re both getting ready for pretty big moves in life. We had a great time being silly, telling secrets and looking gorgeous in a local orchard. I hope they treasure both the memory of the day and the photos we captured for a long time.

I had a terrible time choosing which photos to share, so I hope you’re prepared for a lot of pictures!

sisters_-9 sisters_-12 sisters_-18 copy sisters_-21 sisters_-27 sisters_-35 sisters_-36 sisters_-46 sisters_-49 sisters_-54 sisters_-60 copy sisters_-62 sisters_-67 copy sisters_-70 sisters_-75 sisters_-80 sisters_-87 sisters_-91 sisters_-93 sisters_-119 sisters_-127 sisters_-137 sisters_-143 sisters_-151

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